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Grain Free and Dairy Free Almond Butter Cookies Recipe

This recipe was originally published in June 2011. It was updated in March 2022.

Here is my go-to recipe when I want something sweet. It is Almond Butter Cookies made without any grains or dairy.


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Natto 3: Ann’s Pressure Cooker Method

This is a guest recipe from Ann who was commenting on the post Natto 2: Fermentation Boogaloo.



What You Need

  • Natto culture (see picture of Raffy showing packet)
  • 250 g of ORGANIC soybeans
  • 1 container with lid. I
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Low Food Reward: Tuna + Tomato Paste + Rice

I came up with a low food reward idea. Mix a can of tuna with a can of tomato paste and rice.

This is a true appetite crusher.


Looks more like cat food than people’s food.

This would be the … [continue reading]

Your Fast and Easy Guide to Making Korean Soup

When I haven’t planned for a meal or don’t know what to make, I know I can always quickly make a few bowls of delicious Korean soup. All you need are some basic ingredients and then follow this guide. It … [continue reading]

Vietnamese Chicken Congee in the Pressure Cooker

The dish I have been most obsessed with in the past few months has been Vietnamese Chicken Congee (Cháo Gà). The combination of black pepper and fresh herbs over a rice porridge is simple yet has amazing flavor.

Prior to … [continue reading]

The Pressure Cooker is a Game Changer

Shortly after arriving in Seattle in 2007, I broke down and bought a good coffee grinder. After years of thinking my old grinder was good enough to grind fine and consistent for espresso, I spent the $350 for the … [continue reading]