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Macchiato Etching at Dubsea Coffee

Dubsea Coffee is one of the newest coffee houses in Seattle. It is the White Center area and serves coffee roasted by Stumptown. Today the Coffee Club of Seattle received some outstanding macchiato etching.

Dubsea Coffee is at 9910 … [continue reading]

Monday Afternoon Latte Art

Here is a little afternoon pickup for you.

This drink was made by Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland, Washington yesterday. For those of you outside Seattle, Kirkland is the birthplace of Costco, which uses the Kirkland name as a brand.… [continue reading]

Grand Cru Coffee Cupping – Stumptown Coffee

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Grand Cru Coffee Cupping at Stumptown Coffee here in Seattle. Stumptown already does daily coffee cuppings at 3 PM. On Mondays, they bring out the special coffee and they call this the … [continue reading]