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Espresso Hike #3 – Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square

Last year the Coffee Club of Seattle did two Espresso Hikes that were huge hits. The members were ready for another one and the weather was nice, so this past Sunday we did Espresso Hike #3. We met Sunday morning … [continue reading]

Hot Chocolate Latte Art

Victrola Coffee proves that latte art works just as well on hot chocolate.


Victrola Coffee – Official website.… [continue reading]

One Last Espresso Before I Leave Town

Today I am heading off for a 4 week trip to Thailand. The good news is I’ll get some sunshine and get away from the Seattle rain. The bad news is I’ll be away from Seattle coffee for almost a … [continue reading]

Coffee Shops Fight Back Against Laptop Abusers

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story listing the growing number of coffee shops that have decided to end the always on and always free access to WIFI broadband. The story is No More Perks: Coffee Shops Pull the Plug … [continue reading]