Here are 3 tips I’d like to pass onto anyone considering buying or renting downtown.

  1. Avoid low-floor corner units – Being low means you get to hear a lot of street noise. Having that unit on a corner means you get to hear it from 2 different streets.
  2. Quiet intersections Never Are – There is something peaceful about pulling your car up to a red light at an intersection with no cars around. The light changes and you are caught daydreaming by a car horn coming from behind you reminding you to move your car. All day long I hear the tap of horns on what should be the quietest intersection in downtown San Diego.
  3. The Building Address should Never be the same as the Unit Number – If you live at 123 Elm Street, don’t buy/rent apartment 123. Every other day you’ll hear the knocking of delivery drivers and vendors that fail to read their work order.

I don’t know where I’ll be living come August, but it won’t be in a low floor corner unit along a quiet intersection where my unit number is the same as the street address.