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Trying to Cheer Up an Economic Idiot

Last October I posted about my upcoming eviction. I live in the highly desirable neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle. In the past few years rents have increased and developers have been responding to this demand by building more and … [continue reading]


In 2005 I watched the real estate craze from a front-row seat in San Diego. My home value rocketed up to insane levels. Those with homes were drunk with excitement on how much money their home was worth. I … [continue reading]

Will The Housing Crisis Start a Civil War?

Catchy title, eh? I exaggerate, but there definitely is an undercurrent of hostility between different parties in the housing crisis. When I posted Mr. Microsoft vs Seattle Billy, the comments exploded. Some of the commenters were justifiably irate with … [continue reading]

The Next Round of Real Estate Price Drops

Last September in the post Another Reason Real Estate Prices Will Drop Further, I outlined how the banks that got burned by easy lending would be forced to tighten their lending. At the time of the post, Fannie and … [continue reading]

Mr. Microsoft vs Seattle Billy

Some of my readers are already familiar with Seattle Billy. For those that missed those posts, here is all you need to know.

  • Bought a condo conversation at the absolute top of the Seattle real estate market.
  • He used
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An Update on Seattle Billy

Back in March, I posted an entry called The Financial Wisdom of Seattle Billy. He is a likable guy, but when it comes to financial decisions, he is the perfect gauge of what not to do. From that post:… [continue reading]