Mixing Photos With Classical Artwork

Today I was having some fun in Photoshop. Take the colors from a classical painting and apply them to a photograph. Below is an autumn photograph from New England, a Monet painting and the resulting mashup.


Using Photoshop CS it is a very easy process. Load the painting and your photograph. Put your photo in focus and then select Image … Adjustments … Match Color from the toolbar. From the Source dropdown, select the painting and click OK. That’s it. You’re finished.

Montevideo, Uruguay Meets Renoir

The first photo is a building I photographed in Montevideo last summer. The second is a classic Renoir painting. And the third is the Photoshop mashup of the two.

ps-mashup-mv-org-200   ps-mashup-renoir200


Buenos Aires Meets Matisse

After leaving Uruguay, I went to Argentina and took the first photo. The second image is a Matisse painting. And the third is their hybrid.

ps-mashup-ba3-org-200  ps-mashup-matisse200



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  1. May we use your Monet mashup autumn image in our alumni newsletter? We will give you credit and provide a live link to your website in our online version.

    Thank you

  2. Yes. Go ahead. Send me a link when it is live. Thanks.

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