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The Fall

If you are wondering how I have been able to read so many books in the past month, it is because I injured myself three weeks ago. Laying on a heating pad recovering is perfect for reading. When coming down … [continue reading]

Metal Tree

I took this photo today at the Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park. The art piece is a stainless steel tree called Split.

metal-tree-sculpture-park[continue reading]

MichaelAllenSmith – The Sharpie Redesign

Today I got the silly idea to hand draw a web page using a marker. So I took out a piece of paper, grabbed a Sharpie and scribbled out a redesign for MichaelAllenSmith.com. Then I scanned the ditto, chopped … [continue reading]

Creepy Fountain or Art?

Just north of the Seattle Aquarium, there is a fountain sculpture of a nude man reaching out to a nude boy. Maybe I can’t appreciate art, but to me, this looks like a prequel to an Amber Alert.




The uproar … [continue reading]

Mixing Photos With Classical Artwork

Today I was having some fun in Photoshop. Take the colors from a classical painting and apply them to a photograph. Below is an autumn photograph from New England, a Monet painting and the resulting mashup.


Using Photoshop CS it … [continue reading]