My Thanksgiving reading marathon continues.

The Myths of Innovation
The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun is interesting book which dispels many of the myths surrounding the invention process. The book is chock full of history and should be required reading for anyone that aspires to innovate.

This book reminded me a little of a blog post I read earlier this year called NDA = Not Doing Anything?

We all have ideas. If you came over tonight and we threw something on the smoker and sat up all night and drank and chewed the fat, wed end up with a half-dozen good Web-based business ideas by daylight. Thinking it up is easy. (Buy me a beer in SF this week and Ill give you a free business idea. They are like candy.)

Doing it well is what counts.

Do you know someone who talks about their great idea, but then does nothing with it? And then years later over a few beers they start ranting about some successful product was really their idea? A copy of the The Myths of Innovation should be handed to them.