I love football season. No, I don’t actually waste my weekends watching other men exercise while consuming empty carbohydrates in a semi-drunken state. The reason I like football season is because it has the same predictable effect on Glitter Gym traffic patterns.

When football season starts, people stop going to the gym. Grab the chips and beer. This works out for me, since I now have the equipment to myself. From now until New Years, I won’t have to bump elbows with the untrained masses. January they will return for a few weeks until they give up on their New Years resolutions. Then right before spring, they will return in a mad dash to lean out before they shed their coats for the warmer weather.


Photo by Girl.in.the.D

So predictable. Every year it is the same pattern. The only exception is women will often return to the gym just prior to Thanksgiving. Perhaps a last ditch desire to look good in front of friends and family. Men will just throw on an over-sized jersey with their favorite football player’s name on the back. Works for me.