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The End of Gyms? Part 2

In my last post, The End of Gyms? Part 1, I covered some of the macro challenges gyms are facing in a post-Coronavirus world. I suspect many gyms are going to fail for the reasons cited in that post.

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Generation Deaf in the Glitter Gym

Last month, I posted Millennials Have Killed the Glitter Gym, which describes how this generation with their smartphones has ruined gyms.

People are staring at their phones between exercises. Between sets. Sometimes during the set itself. They are looking

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Millennials Have Killed the Glitter Gym

About twenty years ago, I coined the term “Glitter Gym” as a broad term to describe the growing big-box bright-light corporate gyms you see everywhere.

In my 2006 post Glitter and Rust, I said this:

A majority of men

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Starting Over in Cardio

As I explainedĀ in the previous postĀ Searching For The Cardio Code, after a very long hiatus, I’m ready to reintroduce cardio training to my fitness plan.

Some would argue that my long urban hikes or my 10,000 steps [continue reading]

Town Hall Meetings For Public Gyms

I had an idea recently that I think could benefit gyms. What if every gym had townhall style meetings where the staff and interested members could get together for an hour and discuss ways to make their gym better? Maybe … [continue reading]

Tales From the Glitter Gym (Original Post)

This was originally written in 2004. It has been moved to this site for archival purposes. If you are easily offended, please read the disclaimer first.

I’m still working out at a glitter gym thanks to a finger injury that … [continue reading]