For the past 4 months, I’ve been flying blind without a body fat test. Up until May I had a scale which told me my weight and a rough estimate of body fat percentage. The scale was not real accurate, but the good thing about any method of body fat testing is you can track trends. Is it getting higher or lower?

Since I lost 10 pounds this summer and 2 inches off my waist, I really want to find out what my body fat percent is now. Would you believe I have a spreadsheet going back to 2003 and body fat scores as far back as 1996? Of course you do, I’m a database developer with German heritage.

My pal from AMAZON recently bought a new body fat scale and I went over to test it out. It had me at 26.7% body fat. Clearly wrong. Home body fat scales tend to be widely inaccurate for the really obese and the really fit. Once your body fat drops below 12%, these home machines are junk. So the good news is I think I might be below 12% body fat. Now I need to find someone to measure me.

So I ask around my Glitter Gym to find out if they do body fat tests. A simple 3 point from a personal trainer is all I need. No fancy dunking required. It turns out there is one trainer on staff that does body fat tests for the members. They described what she looked like and asked if I was familiar with her. Yes I was. Drat, it was the trainer I said nonsense to in front of her client. This week is starting to feel like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. 🙂