Frank Sinatra Probably Wouldn’t Have Liked Me

I first read this book about 10 years ago and I really enjoyed reading it again.

The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin'
The Way You Wear Your Hat: Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin’ by Bill Zehme is not a typical biography. Instead of chronicling life from birth to death, the author created a manual on how to live life according to Frank Sinatra. The reason I titled the post as such is that Frank loved to stay out late and booze it up. A light-weight like myself with an early bedtime would draw scorn from the Chairman of the Board.

The book is full of stories and the chapters are broken down by topic. Topics include Pallies, Broads, Booze, Style, Love & Marriage, and My Way. Although I can’t seem to learn how to stay awake at night, the book had great lessons on friendship and being a gentleman.


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  1. I would sell my left nut if I could go back and be a part of his crew.

    This just might get me to start reading again! 🙂

  2. This book is an easy read. You can also read it in any order you like. It also has many great photos.

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