The Lovely Ladies of Texas?

When I arrived at my gate at the DFW (Dallas Fort-Worth) airport, I walked past a stunningly beautiful woman. Magazine cover quality. Two minutes later, a better looking woman walked by. And then a third. My only trips to Texas have been confined to airports, so I have no idea what exists past the security gate.

Thanks to my fellow considerate passengers that packed the cabin of the plane tighter than a Peruvian bus, I now had almost 2 hours until my connecting plane departed. So I went for a stroll around my gate. To kill time at the airport, I like to see where the other planes are going. I walked down the line reading the signs.

Oklahoma City, Calgary, Denver and then Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil! Immediately I had an Ah-ha moment. Now it all made sense.

My head spun around to the seating area for that flight. Unlike the seating area for the Oklahoma City flight, which looked like it could have been a team of world class belly floppers, this area was The Beautiful People. Waiting to escape Texas, I saw those 3 ladies, plus a few more. Mystery solved.

Brazilian model Adriana Lima. No one going to Oklahoma City (or Seattle) looked this good.


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  1. Like your new web design. Although font size is a bit small.

    I have heard that women are beautiful in Brazil.

    I have always wanted to go to Iceland. I have heard from multiple sources that the women there are RE-TARDED beautiful! I believe it. Having lived in America and seeing fatties left right and center (although by definition they block your view every which way), seeing beautiful women here is like walking down the street and seeing a dinosaur; you can’t help but stare.

    In America’s defense, we do have the Hottest sluttiest women. I went to Vegas once to a nightclub and I felt like a porno shoot was about to go down. I’d rather take America, its a sure thing here…no wining and dining.

  2. Tom –
    Thanks for the feedback. I am still tweaking a few things. I’ll play with the font sizes a bit. I agree that some are a bit too small.

  3. Very beautyfull

  4. sexy ladies are really make me hony

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