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Amazing Latte Designs at Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery

This weekend I went to Microsoft’s neighborhood of Redmond, Washington. I really didn’t expect to find good coffee there, but I did. Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery made some amazing drinks for the Coffee Club of Seattle. Here are … [continue reading]

The Lovely Ladies of Texas?

When I arrived at my gate at the DFW (Dallas Fort-Worth) airport, I walked past a stunningly beautiful woman. Magazine cover quality. Two minutes later, a better looking woman walked by. And then a third. My only trips to Texas … [continue reading]

Rio to Buenos Aires Overview

My 3 week trip in South America was hosted by Gap Adventures. The name of the tour was In Search Of Iguassu – Rio to Buenos Aires. I’m glad I took the trip and got to visit a nice section … [continue reading]