14 Foot Tall Coffee Drinking Man Looks Down on Pike Market

Last week, I went down to Pike Market to see the new 14 foot Coffee Drinking Man sign raised over the new Seattle Coffee Works location. I didn’t hang around long enough to see it installed, so I went down today to check it out.

Coffee Drinking Man on July 14th.

Coffee Drinking Man today.


Before the move, the Coffee Drinking Man was on the sidewalk.


Seattle Coffee Works – Downtown Seattle – Coffee Hero post introducing Seattle Coffee Works.

Seattle Coffee Works – Independent coffee shop and roaster at 107 Pike Street.

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5 thoughts on “14 Foot Tall Coffee Drinking Man Looks Down on Pike Market”

  1. Seattle Coffee Works, is my favorite coffee shop that I’ve never been to. My brother that lives in Seattle regularly gets me coffee from there.

  2. Hi, I loved Seattle Coffee Works too! I wanted to ask if I may use your 2nd photo from the top in my upcoming blog post, as part of a collage. Of course if you agree, I shall extend all credit and courtesy and copyright (and a big thank you) with linkback here to your blog. If not, no worry! I just didn’t snap enough photos of this place…..thanks, ciao!

  3. THANK YOU. I may still do that. I found another photo but not as beautiful as yours! Thanks!

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