21 Acres Farm Tour

Saturday morning I went out to Woodinville, Washington to check out the 21 Acres Farm. 21 Acres is a local, organic sustainable farm. About once a month they have a Sustainable Saturday, which includes a tour of the farm.

I first learned about 21 Acres after seeing the movie Fresh. When the movie the ended the filmmaker took questions and comments from the people in the audience. One guy mentioned the 21 Acres Farm. It sounded interesting, so I went.


Before the tour started, I was able to help on a farm project of laying netting over a bean patch. Apparently rabbits like beans as much as humans. They don’t like sticking their paws through netting though.


Get in my salad!


Get in my stir fry!

If you live in the Seattle Metro area and would like to see how a working sustainable organic farm operates, attend one of their Saturday tours.


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  1. Do they have organic grass-fed livestock or just organic veggies?

  2. Just veggies now, but they are expanding.

  3. Cool. I’ll have to check this out sometime.

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