Affogato = Espresso Over Gelato

Seattle’s Muse Coffee just started serving Affogato this week. What is an affogato? Affogato is Italian for Drowned. Two shots of hot espresso are poured (drowned) over a few ounces of vanilla or chocolate gelato. Here is mine from earlier today.

An Introduction to Affogato (Recipes and Tips)


Muse Coffee – Queen Anne coffee shop.

Affogato – Wikipedia page.

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4 thoughts on “Affogato = Espresso Over Gelato”

  1. It definitely looks tasty, and I love the idea — but how did it taste?? I ask because it’s giving me a recipe idea …

  2. It was a nice dessert. The next time I try it, I will choose vanilla over chocolate. The chocolate was competing with the espresso for dominant flavor. I can’t allow that. 😉

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