Secret Ways to Save Money With AT&T and Vonage

My phone bill was too much, so I decided to do something about it. I have a cell phone that uses AT&T Wireless and a land line with Vonage. From a quality and service standpoint, I am satisfied with both companies. Because I don’t use my phones much, I felt was paying too much each month. It was time to deal.

If you go to an AT&T store or look on their website, they will inform you that their lowest monthly plan is $39.99. The website has a $29.99 plan for senior citizens, but that doesn’t help me. So I called AT&T up and they told me about a plan that based off my usage would be ideal for $29.99 a month. Score.

My Vonage monthly fee was $24.99. The website lists a $17.99 account, but they charge you a $10 fee to switch. So I called up to cancel will the purpose of having them waive the fee to get me in the $17.99 account. That was my plan. Vonage then informed me of a $9.99 account and they gave me a month for free to stay. That plan is not listed on the Vonage site. Sweet.

Two phone calls yielded me $25 a month in savings and one free month of Vonage. Note that I am not a high use customer. These plans may end up costing others more money.

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