When it comes to the TV show Futurama, I must confess to being late to the party. Even though the series ran from 1999-2003, I just started watching it this year. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to watch every episode back to back. One episode I want to highlight in a new series called Coffee on TV is Three Hundred Big Boys.

Three Hundred Big Boys (S05E11) aired on June 15, 2003, and had a strong coffee subplot. In this episode, each citizen is given a $300 rebate check from the government. The main character Fry decides he will spend it on 100 cups of coffee (priced at $3 each in the year 3000).

At first, the massive amounts of coffee made Fry irritable and angry.

Right before Fry consumes his 100th cup of coffee a fire breaks out. Instead of rushing to safety, he buys his 100th cup of coffee and drinks it. At that point, a calmness overcomes him and he gains superhuman speed. In a moment of pure clarity, he was able to rescue every person from the burning ballroom in the blink of an eye. The power of coffee extends into the 31st century!

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Futurama, Vol. 4
Futurama, Vol. 4