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TV Sleep Tip

I wanted to share this tip I developed regarding watching TV at night and falling asleep. Some of us like to watch TV at the end of the day to relax before bed. But what relaxes us can also stimulate … [continue reading]

Homer Simpson Invented Bulletproof Coffee in 1998!

I’ve been watching The Simpsons since they debuted, but recently I learned that there were some episodes from season 9 that I somehow missed. So I acquired the DVD from that season and began watching. That is when I discovered … [continue reading]

Tales From the Glitter Gym – The Trouble With Tribbles

Probably the most memorable episode of the original Star Trek was The Trouble With Tribbles. This is the one where the crew starts adopting furry little creatures called Tribbles for pets. They are so adorable, what could be the … [continue reading]

Coffee on TV: Futurama – Three Hundred Big Boys

When it comes to the TV show Futurama, I must confess to being late to the party. Even though the series ran from 1999-2003, I just started watching it this year. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to watch … [continue reading]

Is Twitter The Borg?

A few months ago I realized that Twitter could be The Borg. Star Trek has a long history of creating things before they become reality. Could it be that The Borg which debuted in 1989 predicted Twitter? Millions of status … [continue reading]

Did Fraiser Live in Queen Anne?

Recently I learned that the TV show Fraiser not only took place in Seattle but in my neighborhood of Queen Anne. Based upon the view Fraiser sees it would place his condo just a few blocks from where I live. … [continue reading]