Some Good Travel News For Me?

Last December, I learned that my super common name was on the “naughty list” at airports. From the post Osama MAS Laden:

Guess what common American as apple pie name is now on the governments watch list? Mine. American Airlines has confirmed that my name is on the naughty list.

Being on the watch list means I can never do web check in. I am no longer permitted to do curb side check in. Even if I don’t have a single bag, I have to stand in line at the ticketing counter every time I fly. Once I get to the counter, I must spend another 5-10 minutes standing there smiling while the agent gives me the sniff test. Lordy Lordy, please don’t detain me!

Today I learned from American Airlines that the TSA is finally addressing this issue. The program is called Secure Flight Program. By registering through American Airlines, I am now part of the program. According to the representative I spoke to with AA, this means that soon I will no longer have anymore problems when I go to check in for my flights.

It has been 8 years since 9/11. What detailed information did I need to provide in order to prove I’m a good guy? Fingerprints? Retinal scan? Maybe a criminal background check? Nope. Just two simple pieces of data.

  1. Date of birth
  2. Gender

That is it. Thousands of Americans have been inconvenienced for years now because of these two fields? I already thought they had this data. I’m grateful that it appears TSA has finally taken action. I’m disgusted that it took TSA 8 years to collect two minor database fields.


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  1. I used to fly non-rev (free) on American because my sister is a flight attendant… they knew all about me, name, gender, and more (I had to fill out forms to be on her list). BUT STILL every time I flew I would get pulled over into TSAs “secondary inspection” because I was a last minute flyer– which is suspicious. OF COURSE I was a last minute flyer, it was part of flying “non-rev” you only get a seat if there are no paying customers to fill it!

    Personally, I think its all BS. An illusion to make us feel like we are more secure…. and to see how much control They can exert over us. I mean seriously, I have to take off my flip flops?

    sorry. didn’t mean to rant. I guess I should do that on my own blog! hope the secure flight program works for you, and soon!

  2. I agree with you, Jenn. It is all BS because the screening process is based on the MO from the 9/11 hijackers. If they could pull off an effort as complicated as they did, wouldn’t you think that any remaining masterminds from the group (or new ones for that matter) would be smart enough to use a different one? For me, TSA = morons!

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