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  1. even though i’ve had eel rolls and liked them. I’ve caught too many of them fishing for them to remain appetizing, we need a re branding effort for eel meat.

    Pork and Beef aren’t called Pig and Cow i think a fun name for eel would do wonders for it…

    In real life they’re very nasty little buggers which end up being surprisingly hard to kill

  2. Alex Scofield

    Nov 7, 2009 — 7:18 pm

    So does it taste good? I’m guessing yes.
    I’ve never noticed canned eel at the grocery store, but I’ll keep my eyes open.
    I don’t fish often enough to lose my appetite for eel, or even think of them as being unsavory. But I can vouch for the “nasty little buggers” line — I used to find them in tide pools, and they are extraordinarily tough to catch with your bare hands.

  3. It was OK. Not as great as ahi and cream cheese, but something different. My next sushi experiment will be with a can of tuna.

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