My New Myers-Briggs Score is ENTJ

It has been a few years since I last took a Myers-Briggs personality test. On Wednesday, I took the test again and my score changed. I went from being an INTJ to an ENTJ. You were warned. 😉

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4 thoughts on “My New Myers-Briggs Score is ENTJ”

  1. I tend to rotate between these two also …when I am doing more management and less analysis I tend to become more extroverted (and get an E).

    Are you still investing? Just curious, since you haven’t posted anything about this lately.

  2. I’m still more on the bearish side of the fence also, but have been waiting for a Hindenberg Omen to trigger short entries since last summer… 🙁

    I don’t know if we have another collapse (like the GD) or just stay in a wide range for another decade (like 1965 to 1980). Both are bearish views, but have significantly different implications for investing, politics, etc.

  3. @Jim – Nate’s Economic Edge had a great article on the importance of RULE OF LAW as a foundation for prosperity. It jives with everything I’ve said about how a true recovery can only come after honesty is restored.

    Every day I wake up to a new story on how a law isn’t being enforced or circumvented. Makes it tough to get excited about investing. Modeling valuations I understand. Modeling fraud is something I suck at. 🙂

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