Tales From the Glitter Gym – More People Who Annoy Me

Outside the gym, I like 99% of the people I meet. Inside the gym that number is not as high. There is something about a gym that brings out the most inconsiderate and annoying behavior in people. Because the gym gives me an outlet for these little rages, I indirectly benefit from the very gym idiots that irritate me. Without further introduction, here are some more people who annoy me.

Trainer Without Clipboard – Most trainers will have a file with a workout plan for their clients. During the workout, they will add data such as reps and weight to their file. While I can and have ranted about how stupid those training programs are, now I want to call out these trainers who use exercise equipment as their little desks. The flat bench is for bench presses. It is not to hold your paperwork. Buy a clipboard! The piece of paper that shows your client was able to lift a 5 lb dumbbell for a ridiculous 15 reps belongs on your person, not on the equipment.

Guys With Hoodies and Skull Caps – You look like an idiot. This isn’t Rocky IV. It is a damn Glitter Gym.

iPod Newbies – If you must wear an iPod an the gym, how about learning how to use it outside the gym? Would it kill you to build your play list somewhere else? People are waiting to use equipment and you’re only working out your thumb. I have a dream where I go through the gym ripping iPods off peoples heads and crushing them with a 105 pound dumbbell. I’m sure it is a common dream. 🙂

Sports Talk – Nothing is more pathetic that a bunch of guys standing around talking about yesterday’s game while not working out. Today there was a cry huddle of three men discussing how the local college lost a basketball game last night. During their group therapy session, I completed three sets of dips and two sets of shoulder presses. It is bad enough killing endless hours watching other men exercise, but to discuss it endlessly after the game is over is nauseating.

Did anyone annoy you at the gym this week?


Add yours

  1. Hear! Hear!

    My latest beef is with the spin class drama. There’s a particular instructor that I’ve come to avoid. He gives a good class (not my favorite, but good), great tunes, good workout. But his classes are popular and require a sign-up sheet 30 min prior to start. Where everyone just signs up their friends and saves them bikes, thus defeating the entire purpose. I then, have to arrive 45 min ahead of time to get the kids checked into the playroom, stand in the sign-up line with my rubber tubing and get stares left and right for trying to maximize my time by getting in some simple exercises while waiting.

    The drama is ridiculous, and so not worth my effort.

  2. my major annoyance at the gym is not a person, but is television. which is funny because I watch plenty of it at home, but for me, one of the good things about exercise is the zone out time. it’s like meditation. and so the television is just distracting.
    (not an issue in the swimming pool)

  3. Jenn – I agree. TV in front of the treadmill is bad enough, but in the free weight room it is criminal. People just freeze and stand there like deers in the headlight.

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