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Yesterday I ordered my 2nd Captain of Crush Hand Gripper. Years ago I bought the #1, which requires 140 pounds of pressure to close. It took me a long time before I was able to close it end-to-end in both hands. Now, I am ready for the next grip strength challenge. The #1.5 requires 167.5 pounds of grip strength to close.

I wonder how long it will take me to close the #1.5 end-to-end in both hands?

UPDATE (May 19, 2010): I was able to close the #1.5 end-to-end in both hands on my first attempt. Now I am wondering if I should buy the #2 (195 pounds) or #2.5 (237 pounds).


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  1. I did a brief search on gripping. couldn’t find anything other than bodybuilding stuff. What is the benefit of this other than the obvious? (less likely to drop groceries).

    thanks, t

  2. Mostly weight lifting, see my other post on the topic.

    The weights don’t need to be in the gym. Rock climbers use grip strength, so do cops when they detain suspects. Yesterday I fired a Glock 45 for the first time. The kick didn’t phase me at all.

    I have discovered that improving my grip strength helps me lift larger weights more safely.

  3. Thanks. I have noticed for years that my wrist/palm area are the weakest part of my arm and also the point of friction obviously that experiences stress. Seems like a good idea, another benefit may be when you fall down, usually unconsciously stick out your hands.

  4. thanks. Also when you fall down, your hand/wrist area absorb the stress.

  5. I totally forgot about these. I’m going to order the #1 today.

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