30 Days Without Sugar

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Yesterday I started a quest to go 30 days with no sugar. I eat pretty clean already, but I do have the occasional dark chocolate bar and ice cream treat. This 30 day quest was inspired by paleo podcaster Andy Deas, who just completed 30 days without sugar, alcohol and caffeine. I have no plans to give up or even cut back on caffeine. My last beer was in September, so giving up alcohol will be easy. During the 30 days, I won’t consume any artificial sweeteners either.

I know from observation that most people believe that they eat healthier than they really do. I have named this phenomena, caloric amnesia. We vividly recall all the healthy things we eat, but our memory fades on how often or how much bad stuff we consume. It would be arrogant of me to assume that I don’t have at least a mild case of caloric amnesia. The only way to test this is to go a full month without sugar.


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  1. Does that mean no fruits with sugars in them (actually, are there fruits without natural sugar?)

  2. I will still have the occasional organic apple and blueberries in the next 30 days. At the end of 2009 I did a no-fruit test and could not tell any benefits. If I were overweight, I would avoid fruit.

  3. Interesting. I don’t eat too much fruit. I don’t want to thread hijack but I’ll mention that I’ve lost another 4 inches on my waist. Weight loss is a long game. I’m pleased though.

    Back to the issue of sugar – you’re a tea and coffee fan — what do you think about sugar or honey in coffee or tea?

  4. I drink high quality tea and coffee. Sugar or honey would ruin the taste IMO.

    As for fruit, I went from 1-2 daily servings to 1-2 weekly. Still low.

    Congrats on the -4 inches!!!!

  5. Site gettin’ better Mike. I remember mentioning in a past post about eliminating sugar. I haven’t done it. Eating General Tso’s Chicken (sugared) right now. Slowly on a path to no sugar/vegetarianism I hope….fingers crossed!

  6. Oddly, I could do no sugar way easier than no alcohol. 🙂

    In fact, right now, I still eat a slice or two of bread every day or two, but I think I’ve mostly eliminated sugar. I need to do a better inventory of my eating to be sure, though. I’m actually leaning towards no sugar, but still eating carbs in the form of bread and rice.

  7. Please keep updates on your sugar fast. I am interested to know what changes you feel periodically. I am very interested in trying this myself after reading about Steve Nash, however it seems very hard to do because sugar is in everything in the US. Sweeteners are the big sell for almost any food item….or intuitively I could tell because I am surrounded by fat people.

  8. Nothing to report yet. One week later and I feel no different. No cravings or additional fat loss. I probably won’t do an update until the 30 days are over.

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