My First Dated Blog Post Was From July 1996

I’m digging through some very old files right now. Although I had a personal website as far back as late 1995, I think I have uncovered my first dated content. Since the term blog had yet to be invented I don’t think this technically qualifies. Or does it? However, I do have a stamped date for these 2 posts. That date was July 21, 1996. Back then I had a Tributes & Slams page. That day I wrote one of each.

From the page Hall of Fame: THE MAS TRIBUTE Gallery:

AT&T and MCI 7/21/96

Yes, the two largest long distance phone companies are worthy of the  TRIBUTE award. Do they call me and ask me to switch over while I’m eating? Yes they do. Do they whine about all the savings I’m going to experience? Yes they do.  But, they pay me way more money to “switch over” than I ever spend in long distance. Bless their hearts!

Last fall I moved to Tampa and started with MCIAT&T called me up and said they would give me  $40 to switch over. Sounds good to me, I don’t even make long distance calls. A few months later  MCI calls and said we love you MAS and would like to give you  $35 to come back. I said I love you too  MCI and would be happy to come home.

A few months pass and then  AT&T calls. They are concerned that they have lost my business and would like us to get off on a fresh start. Me too I echoed. How fresh of a start do you want? Would  $40 be fair to you MAS? Give me a hug you big lug!

Not one to throw in the towel, MCI called me and let me know that maybe AT&T had tricked me with their confusing promises and maybe I wasn’t seeing the savings. Sounds horrible, what should little ‘ole MAS do? Accept this  $25 to switch back to MCI. Thank you MCI for looking out for MAS and making sure I don’t get tricked in the future.

Well………..AT&T it’s your move.

UPDATE! (7/26/96) – Just 1 week later AT&T calls up with a  $15 check and free switch over. What a great country!

UPDATE2! (8/9/96) – Opened the mail today and MCI had a check made out for  $15 for me. Is that beautiful or what? They aren’t even wasting my time with a phone call any more. Just cut a check and send it, I’ll switch!

From the MAS SLAM Gallery:

WMTX and WUSA 1980’s Mix shows 7/21/96

“I knew the music of the 1980’s, the music of the 1980’s was a friend of mine, and WMTX/WUSA your shows are not representative of the good music of the 1980’s.”

When I first heard WMTX do an all 1980’s show I was ecstatic. Here I was just 25 years old and already I was able to hear the sounds of  “my day”. I always thought I would be 40 before I would hear a show dedicated to the sounds of 1980’s.

To say I that I’m let down would be an under estimate, to say I’m angry would be more accurate. These shows decided to take the  “classic rock” attitude and just play just the  top radio and video hits. Basically condense an entire decade into  50 or so songs that get heavy rotation. Sure, every now and then a little known gem may sneak through, but that is very rare.

Also, I’m tired of hearing these on the air requests. The  30 or so people who hear their voice on the radio may giggle with delight, but the  20,000 other listeners would prefer to stay on the dance floor than hear about how your doing nothing in Plant City tonight.

And another thing! Any club DJ understands that songs need to  compliment each other. You don’t whip your listeners into a frenzy by playing Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell and then throw on Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. Seems like common sense to me, but both of these shows are guilty of such crimes. Can these shows be saved? Yes, but they will need to follow the steps below:

  • Stop taking user requests on the air. If I want to hear listeners on a Friday night, I’ll switch over to Lassiter on the AM dial.
  • Give the DJ total power over the show. Trust me, the DJ’s know a lot more about music than we do, IT’S THEIR JOB. The mix will suddenly be unpredictable and exciting.
  • Eliminate any songs from a must-play-every-week-or-we-all-die list. We don’t need to hear Robert Palmers Addicted To Love every show, do we?
  • Different versions of popular songs. Why play the same vanilla version of every song when many songs have really cool remixes that most of us have never heard. Have you ever heard the extended mix to Cyndi Lauper’s She Bop?
  • Educate the listener. If the DJ plays some gem then tell the listeners who it was and when it came out. On the flip side, don’t break up a show to tell us that it was Michael Jackson that sang Billie Jean.
  • Make it a total 80’s show. Play TV and movie sound clips from the 80’s. Maybe even do a few “time capsule” news reports.

So, until these shows treat the 1980’s with the respect they deserve I hear by  SLAM them!

I did write 4 Tributes and 3 Slams before July 21, 1996, but I don’t have a date for them. They weren’t that good anyway.

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  1. Retroactively, definitely blog posts.

    Look at you getting your rant on… I’m glad to see you’re consistent!

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