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Feeling Destructive

I am not in the mood to blog. I haven’t been in a while. I feel like destroying. There is too much noise. There are times when I don’t want to add to the discussion. I want to pull away … [continue reading]

How Web Hosting Tech Support Works

Last night this site was offline sporadically for an hour. I submitted a Support Ticket to my web host and waited. I don’t know why I even bother with the tickets, because I know how it is going to end … [continue reading]

Tales From the Glitter Gym Guide Now Up

Even though these posts get very few comments, people seem to love Tales From the Glitter Gym. I put them all together on a single page.

Tales From the Glitter Gym


weighted pull up[continue reading]

My First Dated Blog Post Was From July 1996

I’m digging through some very old files right now. Although I had a personal website as far back as late 1995, I think I have uncovered my first dated content. Since the term blog had yet to be invented I … [continue reading]

Design Inspires Content

Since I pulled the plug on Coffee Hero, I have noticed that I am writing less here on CriticalMAS. It should have had no effect, but it has. I think the reason is that both sites use the PressRow[continue reading]

Who Do I Write This Blog For?

Every now and then someone will tell me what I should blog about. Someday I’ll explain why I detest the word should, but for now I’ll explain who the target audience is for the blog.¬†Only after the target … [continue reading]