Beef Stock Remouillage

My latest kitchen project came from an idea I read in the comments the Beef Stock post over at brilliantly named blog CheeseSlave. I’d had already been making beef stock for a while now, when I read this from commenter riceinmay.

Ouch! My heart hurt when I saw you throw those bones away!!!!! Did you know you can use them more than once? I use mine 3 times. The second and third time its called a remouillage (its french for rewetting). Anyways- the stock isnt as strong- or as gelatinous. Its still flavorful, and a great way to get extra broth and nutrients from that original investment of bones!

Yesterday I completed another batch of bone stock, which I took out 48 hours. After I finished jarring everything, I decided to take the advice of riceinmay and make remouillage. I took mine about 16 hours, although there are recipes online that say you can go a short as 4 hours.

The verdict? As riceinmay stated it was not as gelatinous as the original stock. However, it did have an excellent flavor. I drank a full glass of it this morning for breakfast. No Jamba Juice for me!


Goat Bone Stock Remouillage

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