Fermentation Intervention?

I can’t stop making new vegetable ferments. I’ve ran out of jars and containers to hold the ferments. At this time, I have over 25 pounds of vegetables fermenting and I’m thinking about going out and acquiring more jars. I have too many ideas that I want to try out. I think it is time for an intervention. 🙂


Back row (L to R): Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut v2, 4 jars of Classic Sauerkraut

Front row: Killer Kimchi v3, “Peruvian style” Sauerkraut (R&D)


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  1. I think you should consider incorporating and marketing your own product at this point. How about it?

  2. Love it! Fall seems like the right time for lots of fermentation. What could be more traditional than preserving fruits and vegetables for the long dark winter ahead? I got a massive napa cabbage this week and have run out of jars for my new ferments too.

  3. The first step is admitting you have a problem ;). In all seriousness, do people think your place smells? I know me small space in my basement gets a definite odor going when i do a single ferment. But i don’t have the equipment you do.

  4. @Geoff – Yeah I’m loving the price of cabbage right now. 25-29 cents a pound.

    @Chuck – The only time I can detect a smell is during the summer and with uncovered kimchi starting on about day 3. Since I went to the ceramic containers and the box method, I don’t smell anything. Come summer that might be a different story. 🙂

  5. @Ed – I hadn’t really thought of going into business. It is a very American attitude to covert hobbies into commerce. For the past 12 years I’ve gotten comments about selling my home roasted coffee. It really doesn’t math out. Fermentation might. Right now I am more focused on nailing down unique recipes that are awesome.

  6. Hi, Michael —

    Everything looks awesome! I recently tried your Cortido recipe and *loved* it. In fact we have 4 small jars and 1 large jar fermenting right now.

    I’m really enjoying reading and learning about fermentation. Thanks!

  7. @Angelo – Sweet! Glad you liked it. I got a few more ferments in the R&D stage. If they turn out as good as the Cortido, I’ll post the recipes.

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