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Bread Defenders to the Left of Me, Alarmists to the Right

The debate on bread/gluten in the nutritional blogosphere is rather sad. On one side you have alarmists who use weak evidence to make the case that bread is toxic and on the other side you have nutritional “experts” who tear … [continue reading]

How to Ferment Natto

I want to thank Stephan at Biohacks.net for sending me an email about natto. I was well aware of how healthy the Japanese ferment was, especially its very high vitamin K2 levels. What I didn’t know until I researched it … [continue reading]

4 Reasons Not to Ferment Veggies

I am a big fan of making ferments. I love my kimchi and sauerkraut. However, I have heard 4 reasons why someone may want to avoid fermented veggies. In this post, I’ll do my best to explain their position … [continue reading]

Fermented Celery

In the comments of the post Celery Resurrection, I got an idea from Mark to ferment celery. I sliced a bunch of celery and placed into a jar. Then I added a tablespoon of sea salt, covered with water … [continue reading]

Making Dairy Kefir is Super Easy

I started making dairy kefir again in December and I’m loving it. Not only do I like the taste, but I’m no longer buying containers of yogurt, which means I’m saving money. And unlike the crap kefir products sold … [continue reading]

My Top 5 Books of 2012

Most best-of lists for a given year are published in late December or early January. Not this one. I needed more time to finish reading the books that were published at the end of the year. Here are my top … [continue reading]