Rendered Goat Fat

Last night I rendered my first batch of goat fat. I scored a 6 pound bag at the Ballard Farmers Market for $12. I used the same technique for rendering that I use for lard and beef tallow. The color was a bright yellow. Grass fed animals have yellow fat, whereas the fat from grain fed animals is more white. The flavor was amazing. Like a more buttery version of beef tallow.


Rendered Goat Fat

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7 thoughts on “Rendered Goat Fat”

  1. @Thomas – Perfect last time I checked. Saturated fat does nothing to increase oxidated LDL or triglycerides. If this topic is interesting to you, I highly recommend reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories”.

  2. Thanks. I don’t see how consuming all that fat can be healthy but I will read that book.

  3. I also got a bag of goat fat from the market, to bad it was his last day ever! My dog loves it! I’m looking to get more and bones as well, hope I can find a good farm! Still not sure how to “render” it. Will be experimenting soon!

  4. @vi – You beat me to the goat fat. By the time I got there he was sold out. He hinted to me that he might not stay retired. Maybe the goat guy will be back.

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