Bigger, Stronger, Faster

If you have an interest in fitness, then I highly recommend watching Bigger, Stronger, Faster. I rarely watch the same film more than once. I’ve seen this one three times already. It is a keeper.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

Bigger, Stronger, Faster* is a documentary about heroes, family, strength, and steroids. If your only source of information about the dangers of steroids has been the mass media, you’ve been misled. This documentary provides not just a balanced view of the health risks of steroids but goes much deeper into ethics. There is also an excellent section that exposes the before and after photo shoots used by supplement companies used to sell products.

Besides the medical angle, BSF tells the story of three brothers that grew up in the 1980s. They had their heroes and their heroes told them not to take steroids because steroids were cheating. The brothers wanted to get big and strong, so they started lifting weights and even pursued powerlifting. As these men grew up they learned their idols were juicing. How they each responded was an excellent story in itself.

Guys understand how women can get poor body images by being continually exposed to supermodels, Hollywood actresses, and other extreme measures of beauty. Bigger, Stronger, Faster covers the much less discussed male body image issues, including a section on how the GI Joe doll has gotten much more muscular since the 1960s.

Bigger, Strong, Faster is a must-see.


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  1. i saw that a while back. if i remember right, they make a case for steroids being relatively safe. that may be true. i want to be strong but consider steroids as cheating my way toward strength. to each their own i guess.

  2. @Chuck – That will be the topic of my next post. 🙂

  3. I look forward to your next post MAS… Personally I don’t understand the desire to be so bulked up (I personally find it unattractive) but if someone wants to do that it’s their business…

    However, I’ve always wondered why it mattered if athletes or body builders use steroids or not. Whether it’s safe or not is another thing and I’m all for informed decisions and transparency. Is it cheating to utilize ALL the resources at hand? I really am curious.

  4. @Jenn – Bigger, Stronger, Faster will help you understand why men want big muscles. It did a great job on that topic.

    I personally believe than although bodybuilders have become more and more freaks of nature thanks to steroids, the male desire for huge muscles probably peaked in the early 1990s. After the Cold War, I noticed our action stars went from being bodybuilders to more martial artists. Also today there is more of a focus on leanness (excessive and sometimes CGI) than big biceps.

    Is it cheating? Depends upon the sport and then the opinions vary widely. It is accepted in bodybuilding, but reviled in modern baseball.

  5. interesting i’ll have to rent it.

    looking forward to your next post — because i agree with chuck!

  6. Sadly this isn’t on Netflix streaming.

    I just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which led me to Food Matters. They talk about the Gerson Therapy: high quality juices to treat serious disease. Ever try juicing (not the steroid version)?

    I had a Breville juicer years ago that I used quite a bit but never felt a big benefit. I just purchased an Omega juicer which is Gerson approved. Will be using it next week.

  7. @Stuart – No juicing for me. I have yet to be convinced that removing all the fiber from the fruit somehow makes it more nutritious. I could be wrong, but I think the most nutrient dense foods one can eat are organ meats and fermented veggies.

  8. You can’t consume the same amount of vegetables or fruit to match what you can get in one glass of juice. You are consuming pounds worth of food nutrients in a 12 oz glass.

    It’s the vegetable version of bone broth.

    It goes well with the body healing itself thesis.

  9. @Stuart – I get the logic, but I’m not sold.

    People eat crap and get sick.
    People stop eating crap and add juicing and get healed.
    Was it the juicing or the fact they stopped eating crap?

  10. So… eating meatloaf from dogfood quality meat scraps is OK but you draw the line at vegetable juices? =)

  11. @Stuart – You inspired me to post on this topic.

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