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Yesterday was the first day that could be described as a perfect spring day for Seattle. Because of the cold temperatures and rain, it had been over a week since my last Outdoor HIT Workout. Instead of being pleased with the chance to return to the park, I realized I was tired of doing body weight exercises in the park. I missed the Glitter Gym.

Since I left the Glitter Gym last October, a new Glitter Gym opened within walking distance of my home. I joined up. Although my Outdoor HIT experiment proved that one could safely and effectively workout without equipment, I was ready to return to the glitter.

Photo by Alyson Hurt


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  1. So, you got only $12 per month deal then!?

  2. Oops, I meant $19 solid monthly fees.

  3. You did it backwards … you should’ve been in the gym in the Winter and outside in the warm Sunshine in the Summer. I’m just teasing you of course, you gave it a go that’s the important thing. If I had a reasonably priced gym within walking distance, I would almost for sure use it sometimes – especially in the cold months.

  4. Do they have a sprinting track or just use the hallway?

    I am looking forward to reading about how you extract maximum benefits from a facility not intended for such.

  5. @Kumi – Something like that. They are sneaky with their fees.

    @Aaron – So true, but the gym I went with was still being built during the winter months. I honestly thought I was going to make it all through summer and then go glitter in the fall. But I couldn’t hold out that long.

    @Geoff – I will still do sprints outdoors and on hills. I don’t see any limitations in this gym. I might do a post on where I see the glitter gym being more beneficial than body weight exercises. My primary reason right now is just mental motivation. I needed more variety.

  6. I know I’m a broken record on this – but by far the best of both worlds is using my indoor rowing machine outdoors, on the terrace! I even used it outdoors through the winter, in the dark at 6:30 in the morning in temperatures below freezing. It builds character!

  7. I’m with you on the variety. The local community gym has just enough equipment (and interesting characters) to allow for a good hard fast satisfying workout. Body weight WOs still have a place in my quiver, but grinding out the same 100+ air squats gets old fast, it feels GOOD to push heavy weight sometimes.

  8. @Ken – I do miss the interesting characters. 🙂

  9. Interesting.

    I tend to train mostly at home, mainly on bodyweight stuff, but I get to a gym every now and again. The interesting characters are always an entertainment

  10. @Chris – I do love the characters. The new gym has a Dick Cheney look a like.

  11. I’ve always had a tough time enduring the glitter…..leaning more towards outdoor activities like soccer, surfing, cycling, hiking and yoga….but, in the last year or so, after catching up on books by DeVany, Sisson, and Body by Science…..I realized that I wanted to do more HIT style strength training.

    Today, I had my second session at a private gym with a trainer certified in the SuperSlow / Body by Science style (to my knowledge, he’s the only guy doing this here in San Francisco)

    I am really loving the sessions. After reading the books and now doing the safe and effective HIT workouts, I can feel the anabolic / catabolic processes in my body…..and I like it.
    It reminds me how grateful I am for health…. I don’t want to squander it!

    I certainly can’t afford to do these private sessions for that long, but I want to get in enough sessions so that I feel confident to continue on my own…..with or without a glitter gym

    And I wanted to say, a huge thanks to MAS for the site….its one of my top favorites ! I hope I can buy you dinner on my next trip to Seattle

  12. @RareArtists – Thanks for the nice words. I too got a lot of benefit from having two workouts from a certified SuperSlow HIT trainer. It really pushed my definition of intensity and helped me a lot with proper breathing technique.

  13. @RareArtist – will you say who your trainer is in sf? I am looking for one there. Thank you.

  14. @DT I’d be happy to refer you to my trainer, David DeSisto Strength Training. He’s fantastic and I think the only guy in the area doing Body by Science style workouts in SF. He’s based in Santa Rosa and comes to SF three times a week.

  15. @RareArtists – thank you very much for the prompt response, I appreciate it. I was actually doing a search for a Body by Science trainer in SF, which brought me to your post. I will look into David DeSisto Strength Training. If you see a new, middle-aged, chubby guy around around the gym there trying to get back into shape, it could well be me.

  16. @DT my pleasure, happy to help.

    You’ll love working with Dave. You can tell him that Chris Powers referred you.

    As @MAS, the author of this blog points out so well, most of your slimming down is going to happen in the kitchen, not in the gym….. having said that, if you put a solid effort into the workout every week, it will likely help you get stronger….and after your slim down via good diet, the workout can help you get toned…..not to mention, the workout will generally aid the process of reprogramming your genes… after a sedentary period

    Each body is so different, but it seems pretty universal that if you can keep your carbs minimized, and focus on a pastured meats & organic vegetables based diet, with occasional organic fresh fruit and some nice fermented treats à la Sandor Katz thrown in…. you have a pretty good chance of slimming down and feeling better in your skin.

    Also, fasting for 16hrs prior to your workout is something to try. And in general, switching to two solid meals a day…..with no snacking….is a big help.


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