Slow Cooking Another Cheap Delicious Meal

This week I made the recipe Unbelievable Crockpot Apple/Onion Pork Butt. The only thing I changed in the recipe was I added fennel. It was cheap and tasty. Let me run the numbers.

  • 2.76 pounds of pork butt = $5.76
  • 1 onion = $0.40
  • 1/2 can of apple juice concentrate = $0.75

Total cost was $6.91 and it made 4 meals for an average meal cost of $1.73. The time it took to chop the onion, load the crock pot with pork butt and top off with apple juice was 10 minutes. I prepped the meal mid-morning and it was ready by evening. It doesn’t get much easier than that.



Seems I didn’t take a photo once it was finished cooking.

Even though I liked this recipe, I prefer using BBQ sauce to apple juice. I used conventional pork for this recipe. Had I ordered ahead of time and got pastured pork, the price would have been $4.59/lb. This works out to $13.81 for the entire crock pot or $3.45 per meal. Still cheap.


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  1. was that caraway or cumin in there? slow cooker pork but is always a staple in our house. easy, inexpensive, and always a lot of versatile left overs.

  2. @Chuck – Fennel, but I think caraway may have been a better idea.

  3. sounds pretty easy/affordable/delicious! i wanna try it with the bbq sauce… do you just buy pork butt at the grocery store?

  4. @Becca – Yes. I was at an Asian Grocery store and it was on sale.

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