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  1. Kudos. I wish I could donate too but here in Japan the procedure is borderline insane (and raving mad if you are a foreigner). My guess is that they have enough supply and can afford to by absurd about it. Anyway, this is a good thing (for yourself and others) that all that can should do, like donating organs or learning the fundamentals of astronomy.

  2. I meant to ask, any effect on the headaches? And, more generally, have you experienced any of the advertised health benefits?

  3. @Txomin – You alerted me early on that caffeine was a likely cause of headaches. Last week I sold my espresso machine, which is a huge move for me. I’m on the journey to a longer caffeine detox experiment. I should know this summer how much of an effect caffeine has on my headaches.

    As for blood donations, in the past 2+ years my Hemoglobin Levels went from high normal to low normal.

  4. I can indeed appreciate the difficulty of partying ways with your espresso machine. Good for you, my friend, good for you.

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