Fermented Celery

In the comments of the post Celery Resurrection, I got an idea from Mark to ferment celery. I sliced a bunch of celery and placed into a jar. Then I added a tablespoon of sea salt, covered with water and sat on the counter for 10 days. The taste was OK. It retained most of the crunch and was nice and salty. On the Facebook group Traditional Foods and Natural Home, it was suggested that celery worked well in a mix of veggies.

I actually prefer the taste of fresh celery. If I ferment celery again, I’ll add some other vegetables.




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  1. Well glad you tried it anyways! I did the same as above and have to agree, while I like the celery, it’s not amazing.

    Right now I’ve got a new batch fermenting. Celery, onions, 2 smashed garlic cloves and 2 jalapeno peppers. I’m looking forward to this one as I hope it will give the celery some kick.

  2. @Mark – Let me know how it goes. I suspect it will be good. Celery probably works better as a supporting player and not the star.

  3. Add a tablespoon or two of whey separated from your kefir to kick start the fermentation process in your vegetable ferments. This should also allow you to reduce the amount of salt since the addition of whey will ensure that the proper microflora dominates and inhibits the growth of undesirables.

  4. @CB – Thanks for the tip. I have not experimented with whey ferments yet. Still doing the wild. I love salt.

  5. I also don’t shy away from salt, only but for purely organoleptic reasons! I always kickstart my kimchi with some kefir whey. I figure with this quick boost in microbial population I can enjoy my kimchi sooner.

    Also be sure to try fermenting cucumber spears with some salt, crushed garlic, dill, chili peppers flakes and whole peppercorns.

  6. emily tisdale

    Nov 21, 2014 — 5:20 am

    Made it sliced then used in tuna salad…it really turned the tuna to terrific

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