Yuck! – I Made a Spreadsheet

In December 2012, I received the book Yuck! The Things People Eat. At the time I said:

This is more than a book. It is an eating challenge wish list.

Yuck! The Things People Eat
Yuck! The Things People Eat by Neil Setchfield

I’ve been meaning to convert the book into a spreadsheet. One that I can track my progress and one that others can download for themselves. It is ready.


Although some foods will be more of a challenge than others, I think I could eat them all with one exception. There is no way I could eat dog. Rat sure. Snakes – maybe a small bite. But no way would I eat a dog. Even looking at the photo is disturbing.

I think I’ve had blood sausage and monkfish roe, but I can’t say for certain, so I won’t count them. And I’ve had sheep and ox testicles, but not goat, so I left that unchecked as well.

So I’ve consumed 20 foods out of 123 Yuck! foods (or 16.23%). How about you?

UPDATE: Recalled the post where I ate an octopus. Up to 20.

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  1. Only 14 for me – taking the list liberally (does head cheese count as “pig’s face”?) I’ve got some catching up to do.

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