Brewing Coffee With the Kalita Wave

My latest coffee brewing tutorial is up on INeedCoffee. This one is for the Kalita Wave.

Kalita Wave Coffee Brewing Tutorial

kalita wave pour brew

In the next month, my plan is to replace the espresso tamping article, the french press tutorial and the introduction to tea guide


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  1. Hi MAS,
    Novice coffee maker question.
    My favorite brewing method is the french press, because I like the flavor of the oils from the beans. I don’t like having to empty the grounds into the sink, however, so I end up using the AeroPress, which cleans up nicely with extraction of the coffee grounds “puck.” Do yo know of a method that retains the oils, but is relatively un-messy? Maybe a large-pore filter method?

  2. @Jim – Yes. I was a daily French Press drinker for almost a decade. Then I switched to the Clever. All the richness of FP, but none of the grit. Easy cleanup..

    From the day I started using a Clever, I stopped using my FP. Eventually I gave my FP away.

  3. MAS – What are your feelings on coffee from the Aeropress vs. the Clever? I bought an Aeropress and no complaints but I prefer coffee from my French Press. I’ve got my coffee dialed-in the way I like it using the FP but maybe I need to tweak my Aeropress process in terms of grind, temp, amount, etc.

  4. @EJ – I like both the AeroPress and Clever better than the French Press. And I drank French Press exclusively for a decade. The Clever is more similar to French Press, but IMO is superior as it solves the grit problem.

    Also, as the temperature of coffee drops, I find that the AeroPress tastes much better than all other brewing methods. I can’t drink French Press coffee once it cools.

  5. MAS
    The minipresso looks like a fun device. Not a plug–just looked interesting.

  6. @Jim – I am going to Coffee Fest in a week. Hope they have a booth.

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