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  1. Hi MAS,
    Novice coffee maker question.
    My favorite brewing method is the french press, because I like the flavor of the oils from the beans. I don’t like having to empty the grounds into the sink, however, so I end up using the AeroPress, which cleans up nicely with extraction of the coffee grounds “puck.” Do yo know of a method that retains the oils, but is relatively un-messy? Maybe a large-pore filter method?

  2. @Jim – Yes. I was a daily French Press drinker for almost a decade. Then I switched to the Clever. All the richness of FP, but none of the grit. Easy cleanup..


    From the day I started using a Clever, I stopped using my FP. Eventually I gave my FP away.

  3. MAS – What are your feelings on coffee from the Aeropress vs. the Clever? I bought an Aeropress and no complaints but I prefer coffee from my French Press. I’ve got my coffee dialed-in the way I like it using the FP but maybe I need to tweak my Aeropress process in terms of grind, temp, amount, etc.

  4. @EJ – I like both the AeroPress and Clever better than the French Press. And I drank French Press exclusively for a decade. The Clever is more similar to French Press, but IMO is superior as it solves the grit problem.

    Also, as the temperature of coffee drops, I find that the AeroPress tastes much better than all other brewing methods. I can’t drink French Press coffee once it cools.

  5. MAS
    The minipresso looks like a fun device. Not a plug–just looked interesting.

  6. @Jim – I am going to Coffee Fest in a week. Hope they have a booth.

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