This Morning in the Pressure Cooker Lab

Yesterday I raved about my latest hobby which the pressure cooker. This morning I decided to attempt a Vietnamese style chicken congee. I love this dish. Chicken, rice, broth, Thai basil, ginger and of course fish sauce. The perfect breakfast food. A million times better than oatmeal.

It came out very good, but I think I can make it better. Give me a week and I’ll have a recipe that will amaze and delight. 🙂

chicken congee

Version 1 of Vietnamese Chicken Congee. 


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  1. How do you do with carbs like this in the morning? I live in Hong Kong, so congee is an ever-present option for breakfast, but I usually go with a butter coffee or protein and fat oriented breakfast. I feel like this would leave me hungry and low energy about 10am, but haven’t experimented yet. Any experience you can share would be instructive. Thanks!

  2. @Brock – I do great with carbs in the AM and the PM.

    The only food I avoid in the morning now is bacon. I feel drugged like tired when I eat bacon, so I will only have it in the evening.

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