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Vietnamese Chicken Congee in the Pressure Cooker

The dish I have been most obsessed with in the past few months has been Vietnamese Chicken Congee (Cháo Gà). The combination of black pepper and fresh herbs over a rice porridge is simple yet has amazing flavor.

Prior to … [continue reading]

This Morning in the Pressure Cooker Lab

Yesterday I raved about my latest hobby which the pressure cooker. This morning I decided to attempt a Vietnamese style chicken congee. I love this dish. Chicken, rice, broth, Thai basil, ginger and of course fish sauce. The perfect … [continue reading]

Pho Photos

My latest food project moves to Vietnam.






I used the average of a few pho recipes online. It turned out to be very tasty. The funny thing is that I never actually had pho before*, so I can’t tell you … [continue reading]