Podcasts I Listen To (2014)

Another year, another list. I love podcasts. I love them more than I have hours in the day to listen to them. And because new shows or recommendations are coming at me faster than I can keep up, I have to keep pruning my list. For those interested, here were my top 10 podcasts in 2012 and 2013.

Here are my top podcasts for 2014.

  1. EconTalk (economics)  #1 for 3 years in a row!
  2. RadioLab from WNYC (stories, reporting)
  3. James Altucher Show (interviews)
  4. NPR Planet Money (finance)
  5. Accidental Creative (productivity)
  6. Tim Ferriss Show (interviews, productivity)
  7. Adam Carolla Show (comedy)
  8. Podcast of Doom (history)
  9. House of Reggae (music)
  10. Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kresser (health)

I still love EconTalk. When I am not listening to new shows, I am digging through the archives going back to 2006. Some of the shows I’ve listened to multiple times. In the past few months, I’ve read three books by guests on the show. In each case, the interview was better than the book.

I stopped listening to Freakonomics. Too much filler and too many logical errors.You get more info in a single EconTalk than a year of Freakonomics.

My newest find is the James Altucher Show. I couldn’t stand this guy when he was the perma-bull on CNBC, but I gave his show a chance and I’m really digging it. MAS Better tipped me off to Radio Lab, which is awesome. And my friend Dave is doing a great job with Podcast of Doom.


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  1. One of my favorite podcasts is Dr. Wong at drwong.us. He has a lot of good health and fitness advice. He talks frequently about systemic enzymes and hormone issues. Straight talk and no guff. His supplements are at docsprefer.com

  2. Stephan Raczak

    Oct 1, 2014 — 12:44 am

    Radiolab is absolutely great. Listening to it for more than a year. They have the best editing I have ever heard on a podcast.

  3. You should check out Snap Judgement if you haven’t already. It’s top of my list.

  4. @April – Just sub’d. Thanks.

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