Peace Out

All the topics that I listed in Breaking CriticalMAS – A Return to Blogging? are now finished. In that post, I said:

I’d like to wrap up some of the topics I left open. At that point I may or may not continue blogging.

What I discovered since November is that I don’t enjoy blogging anymore. I’m more interested in other projects that don’t fit well under the CriticalMAS domain. Before I needed a break and a long hiatus. Now it is time to end this blog.

Unlike my mentors that let their domains become digital graveyards, I am committed to keeping this site alive and accessible.

Thank you all for reading and commenting. I will be keeping comments open till Friday. I still have a newsletter in case there is a future announcement related to topics covered on this blog.

My portal page will always have a list of my other web projects.

Peace out!


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  1. Øyvind in Norway

    Mar 27, 2017 — 11:22 am

    Damn it! Just as I was getting into cold weather thermogenesis and the like. I was hoping for more along those lines.

    Still, best for all parties that you don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy, I guess.

    Your voice will definitely be missed, Michael – have fun out there!

  2. The machine gun falls quiet and Jesse drives away. Time to cue the Badfinger and start the slow pull back on cam….

    Thanks for all you have done here, MAS. My life is better for your work and you brought a lot of pleasure to me with your writing here.

  3. It’s been a blast having you back for a little while…Critical MAS has been a hell of a resource over the years.

    I wish you the best going forward, and thanks for all the years of blogging!

  4. @All – Thanks for nice words.

    @Geoff – I hope I’m Jesse in this scene and not Walter. 🙂

  5. @MAS
    Thanks as always.
    Good luck.

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading your site over the years. Thanks!

  7. I enjoyed a lot reading this blog over the past years. I’m still your average overweighted fatass (because I’m a lazy bastard, not searching excuses here), but much more healthy than I’ve ever been, and I owe it to this place.

    Thanks for all the sharing, it gave me a lot of motivation to go find for more answers, instead of just taking things for granted in term of nutrition. And I think that’s a big win for my future

  8. Have always enjoyed reading your blogs! But I definitely understand relate to where you are coming from. There is a season for everything. Thanks for all your posts and best wishes 🙂

  9. Just found your blog last year and your self-experiments inspired my own using the potato hack and shucking the heavy coat this past winter, and inspired me to look at HillFit and other products.

    I take your point: I found myself gravitating to your later posts to see what the final lessons learned after years of experiments. There’s fun in reading someone else’s diary, but sometimes you just want to know how the story ends.

    Thanks for living this part of your life out loud for us. I’m glad I found this blog and it will continue to inspire.

    Enjoy life!

  10. @Mike – I was thinking how a blog post to me needs to Educational, Inspiring or Entertaining.

    In my last post I mentioned how it troubled me that I would be a source of Education when there are far better resources out there. Inspiring is the most problematic if a post I write moves someone to take action that makes them worse off. And finally Entertaining isn’t my motivation.

    I’m glad I took this journey. HIT, cold weather exposure and traditional foods were worth discovering.

  11. I’ve enjoyed this blog and will miss it. Thanks for all of the work. Wishing you good luck and success with your other endeavors!

  12. Thanks for all your thoughts over the years. Its been quite a journey!

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