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I’m Glad I Didn’t Move this Blog to Medium

In May when I sold the domain that used to house this blog, I considered moving everything over to Medium.com. It would have been a lot of work. I decided against the move.

I got some good comments here plus … [continue reading]

más MAS #1

más MAS is a new feature I’m adding to the Critical MAS blog. These will be links to things that I’m doing that are outside of this blog. In this first edition, I will catch up on the first half … [continue reading]

The State of Blogging in 2018

I’m putting this post together as a way to gather my thoughts on the current state of blogging.

WordPress is a Bloated Mess

I’ve been using WordPress now since 2007. I use it on 5 of my websites now. It … [continue reading]

Broken Link Checkers are an Essential Tool For Every Blogger

Let me give my fellow bloggers an easy win tip for their blog. Run a broken link checker on a regular basis. And then, fix those broken links! There are a number of reasons to make this a routine.

  1. It
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An Issue With the Domain Sale I Did Not Forsee

If you’ve never been in a negotiation to sell a domain, you may not know how it works. I’ve sold several domain names over the years an here is what typically happens. You’ll receive a respectful but short email from … [continue reading]

GDPR and Why I Decided to Kill Off My Newsletters

You’ve probably received a lot of emails in the last month related to privacy policy updates. This was all in response to the GDPR privacy laws.

I had zero interest in figuring out if my sites might be in violation … [continue reading]