Medium Take 2

A year ago, I posted Medium and Blog Housekeeping. The plan was to republish some of my best posts there to gain new readers. After a few months, the stats told me that almost nobody was seeing my posts. So I assumed the Medium experiment was a flop.

I was wrong.


As a reader, I really do like Medium. In an age when almost every website bombards you with newsletter pop-ups, it is refreshing to see a clean, readable site that is full of quality content.

I hadn’t been paying attention to my stats, or rather, my lack of stats for several months. Then I peeked at the numbers and saw 3 of my articles were doing pretty good, with one pulling over 2,000 views. The 3 articles were all tech-based stuff that I never published here.

The Medium readers didn’t care about my Peasant Diet. They cared about how to get their Zenbook brighter. Which is interesting to me, because the few tech posts that I have put up on CriticalMAS have received little to no feedback.

OK. I can play the Medium game. 

I removed all the non-tech posts on Medium since they were here anyway. Going forward, my Medium account will just be tech stuff.

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  1. I gave up on Medium not long after starting, but still get daily emails highlighting posts I “might be interested in.” I’ve noticed recently lots of postings from authors like Fung, Ferris, and some others. But I cannot say I was ever directed to a Medium post by Google, and I use Google a lot, lol.

    It’s interesting that you are getting traffic to your Medium posts. Perhaps it’s time to take another look.

  2. @Tim – One of my Medium posts is #1 on Bing and Google for “zenbook dark”, which is a common problem for that line of laptops. I also suspect that Medium is more popular with the tech crowd, which could explain why my tech stuff did far better than the standard CriticalMAS content

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