Using Instagram For Helpful Fitness Tips

One of the things I did not cover in The State of Blogging in 2018 was Instagram. In the past decade, I’ve seen each social network jockey for more or less relevance in my life. Right now, Instagram is by far my favorite. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which have become platforms for sharing what makes you upset, Instagram is a platform for sharing what brings you joy.

In addition to following friends, coffee shops, and cute animals, I use Instagram as an educational channel. I follow about 10 Spanish accounts and I also follow a few fitness-related people that I find give tremendous value using just a few photos or seconds of a video.

There are many great fitness accounts on Instagram. Here are a few of my favorites right now.


I love this account. It has so many excellent posts on exercise form and mobility.


This is a great stretching and mobility resource.


(UPDATE May 2019: Site is gone)

My longtime readers might recall my old series of posts called Tales From the Glitter Gym, where I recounted stories of the craziness that I witnessed at the gym. Gymfuckery is much better. It is a collection of short videos of the most unsafe and rudest behavior in the gym. It is a treasure trove of what not to do.

Do you use Instagram for education? Fitness education? If so, which accounts?


Add yours


    I really like this one (Sohee Lee) for form tips and general fitness education. Helped me with squat form and deadlift form a lot.

    Education – there are some random Korean accounts I follow. To be honest, the writing quality from Koreans is a lot better on Facebook or other websites though (Brunch, Steemit).

  2. @Sean – Thanks. I just added that account on my IG.

  3. David Goggins.
    Just your basic fitness motivation stuff, no technique.
    But short and fun.

  4. @Sean B
    Her advice about elevating the heel for squats is great. I don’t know why so many people don’t do this. Even Clarence Bass suggests this technique.

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