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Digital Minimalism – Focused and Isolated

After quitting Facebook and uninstalling Instagram, I stumbled onto the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. This book makes the case and gives advice on what I already knew.

Social media, smartphones, and other digital distractions are killing our … [continue reading]

How I Broke the Instagram Habit Loop

My last post was all about quitting Facebook. Now, I want to cover how I defeated my Instagram addiction. Unlike Facebook, Instagram actually brought me joy. It was everything that was once great about Facebook in photo form.

But … [continue reading]

Using Instagram For Helpful Fitness Tips

One of the things I did not cover in The State of Blogging in 2018 was Instagram. In the past decade, I’ve seen each social network jockey for more or less relevance in my life. Right now, Instagram is by … [continue reading]