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Planes, Trains and Elephants – My 2009 Asia Trip Overview

Early in my 4 week trip to Asia, I discovered that slow upload speeds would prevent me from posting my travel blogs in a sequential timeline. Now that I have all my posts finished (finally), I can assemble them in … [continue reading]

Traffic Lights and Menus in Thailand and Cambodia

As much as a bad user interface annoys me, I really enjoy discovering an excellent U/I. While in Thailand and Cambodia, I noticed a brilliant user interface. They place a second counter on traffic lights. When a light turns green … [continue reading]

Photo Gallery For Return to Bangkok

I just noticed I didn’t release the Return to Bangkok photo gallery. Oops.



Photo Gallery for Return to Bangkok[continue reading]

My Return to Bangkok

For those keeping score, I left Cambodia and returned to Bangkok for a night before flying down to Malaysia. Before returning to Seattle, I will go back to Bangkok for one more night.

I will get around to posting on … [continue reading]

One Night In Bangkok and the World’s Your Oyster

How about 5 nights then?

I was told by several people who¬†had visited to Thailand to get out of Bangkok as soon as possible. It is dirty, loud and not representative of the real Thailand. I had low expectations … [continue reading]

MAS and Big Buddha

I’m the one in front.

bkk-mas-big-buddha[continue reading]