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Getting Started in Blogging in 2019

After my last post, My Blog Was Hacked and WordPress Sucks I received an email from a reader that I want to share and respond to.

What a clusterfck, Just think of the headaches that would create for a neophyte.

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How Google Helped Kill the Indie Web and How It Can Bring It Back

My hope is that someone that works inside Google reads this post and shares it with their co-workers. Maybe this post can get a conversation going about where the web is heading next.

In 2013, Google made a mistake. It … [continue reading]

What Google Should Have Done With Blogger FTP Accounts

Not that Google cares about what I think or even bugs I’ve found using their products, but I thought of a simple solution to their Blogger FTP problem. Google states they are abandoning support for FTP based Blogger accounts, because … [continue reading]

I Hate BlogSpot Too

It amazes me why a talented blogger would use the BlogSpot service provided by Google’s Blogger. A blog is the intellectual property of the writer and yet brilliant writers and photographers will use their time and effort to direct traffic … [continue reading]

Death to Blogger

I’ve been with Blogger since April 2000 and I’ve finally had enough. It is clear that Google has no intention of repairing the code that runs the FTP accounts. It is slow and buggy. They have no intention of making … [continue reading]