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The 10,000 Steps University

I graduated from college in 1994. Back then attending college was an easy decision. It didn’t cost nearly as much as today and it was just before the web took off. Today information is everywhere and a lot of it … [continue reading]

The College Debt Alternative

This post is a follow up to The College Debt Trap where I pleaded the case to avoid becoming a debt slave to acquire a college degree. This post is about an alternative to college debt. If your Daddy, some … [continue reading]

The College Debt Trap

From time to time I will do a financial post on this site. These posts are not about getting rich. They are usually about minimizing risk and not doing something dumb. Using debt to finance college used to be a … [continue reading]

Before Racing Back to College To Pile On More Debt

I know several people who¬†are using the recession as an opportunity to pile up more student loans and get yet another college degree. Most are intelligent and qualified to do whatever they want but think they are incapable because … [continue reading]

The Importance of College

I was digging through my old blog and came across this post from June 2004.

10 Years Ago Today – On 6/10/1994, I graduated from The Ohio State University. Although I’m proud of my school and degree, I will say

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